Monday, July 26, 2010

Recipe Review: Southern Style Greens with Beans

DH cooked up a recipe I found on Food Network today and it's a keeper as far as I'm concerned. Quick, easy, healthy and delicious; that's a win all the way around. It's a Sandra Lee recipe, who is not usually my favorite chef since I don't like her reliance on processed food, but I made an exception for this recipe. We had to modify it to make it vegetarian but it was very easy to do. Switch the beef broth for veggie broth and leave off the bacon bits, and presto, it's vegan. I'm looking for more ways to incorporate greens into our diet since they are just so darn healthy so this recipe accomplishes that goal as well. We served it over brown rice.

Click for the link to the recipe:

Sandra Lee's Southern Style Greens with Beans

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