Thursday, January 15, 2009


Chocolate covered strawberries...that should just about say it all. I'm eating them now; I may regret it when I get on the scale tomorrow, but for now I'm eating them anyway. Live in the moment!

Today was all about the strawberries. The 4 baskets I picked (at about a pound per basket) and the one The Middle Child picked are more than we would be able to just eat before they went bad. I've never made jam or preserves and I didn't pick the extras for that; I picked the extras to chop up and freeze. I rinse the berries, cut off the tops and any bad bits, then cut them up into bite sized pieces. I take the pieces and lay them out, not touching, on wax paper on a cookie sheet then flash freeze them for a couple of hours, then I can put them in a freezer bag for later use. They make my morning cereal a true cause for joy, those little bites of frozen deliciousness. It's a lot of work but so worth it every morning! I was ready to...implement dire when The Youngest decided he wanted to put some on a bowl of cereal THEN LEFT IT THERE TO SPOIL, UNEATEN. Sacrilege! All that hard work just left to float in the milk, then down the disposal. We had a SERIOUS discussion about the hard work that those berries represented and why we shouldn't be wasteful. I mean, even the milk is almost $7.00 a gallon, so that was a huge waste as well. (I buy organic milk; I can't stand the thoughts of them drinking all of the BGH and antibiotics and yuck in the regular milk. It's a splurge but the kids are worth it...except when they WASTE IT!)

And I was SORE today. I thought I would have a hard time with my back but it was the back of my thighs! Owie, owie, owie... I guess picking strawberries is a good workout. Goodness, every time I had to bend down to pick up something, or sitting down, or standing up, or any of the other things those muscles are used for...pain, the pain! I still went on my daily walk, though, although it took me a little longer than usual, so it's all good. :)

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