Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recipe for a Tropical Smoothie

I just made the BEST smoothie ever! Totally delicious. Here's what I threw in the Vita Mix:

7 dates (put them in first so they blend up really well, unless you like chunks of date, which are good, but I wanted a smooth smoothie today)

1 section of pineapple (I cut the top off then cut off a circle a little over an inch wide, then cut off the skin and cut it into chunks, including the core, and threw it in. This is how the Vita Mix demo lady did it. Cover the rest of the pineapple and store for another use. Or eat it; yum.)

1 mango, peeled and chunked up

1 very ripe banana

1 and a half peeled oranges (we ate the extra half of the second orange 'cause we were hungry)

2 teaspoons of honey (more or less; I eyeballed it)

a pinch of salt (balances the sweetness)

Ice (Eyeball the amount of ice; if you have a lot of people and want a thicker smoothie, add more ice. Fewer people and thinner consistency, add less ice.)

Blend up all of the fruit first, THEN add the ice and blend again. Of course, follow your blender's operating instructions. (You have to start the Vita Mix on low and then turn it up to high once it gets going.)

The Middle Child, aka Martha Stewart Jr., and I LOVED this smoothie. (DH and The Eldest weren't home; The Youngest, aka The Wild Child, doesn't like any of these odd things we make in the Vita Mix.) It tastes better than anything you'd get at one of those high priced juice places!

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