Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weight Maintenance

As mentioned in my profile, I lost over 45 pounds in 2007 and I've managed to keep it off since then. I do find the numbers keep creeping up lately, darn it all, and I'm maintaining just a couple of pounds higher than I would like. After losing over 45 pounds I'm now struggling with 2, and it feels like just as difficult a battle as it ever was. :-P I am staying within my range, however, so I'm actually quite happy about things. I don't have a particular target weight, rather I have a range, 129 (which I think I hit ONCE) to 135. I was hovering around 132 up until the holiday season in 2008, now I'm hovering around 133 to 134. I have gone over 135 but I always manage to get back down; it only stays over 135 for a few days, tops. 135 is the weight I was at when I reached my adult height (5'7") back in high school so I consider that my "set point" weight, and that's how I determined my target weight range. I still have to watch what I eat almost as closely as when I was losing but it's a lifestyle for me now. I try to eat healthfully, watch portions, limit sweets, and exercise almost daily. I menu plan weekly which has helped in a variety of ways beyond weight control. One thing I don't do is record what I eat, but I don't really have to because of how I have things set up. When I'm following my own plan, I eat healthy foods, limit portions at each meal, have a set snack daily, and eat fruit if I get the munchies. Where I get into trouble is when I start dinner prep too late at night when I'm tired and already hungry. I tend to snack on carbs since they are readily available (the kids' cereal, crackers, chips, etc.) and hard to resist. "I'll just have a little bit" turns into "oops, that was way too much" all too easily. I also have snack attacks around PMS time, which typically results in a bump up of the numbers on the scale. Special occasions get me, too, which is why I'm struggling with those 2 pounds- I put them on around Halloween last year and then couldn't manage to lose them over the holidays (or actually lost them then put them back on several times). This year has already been full of stress that's not seeming to want to let up, so it's been tough going. I am determined, though! I'll get my hovering back down to 132 yet. One step I've taken to work on that is adding to my exercise routine. DH and I bought bikes for each other for Christmas so I've been biking after my walks on some days. I didn't want to extend my walks (I get bored) but I needed to increase my cardio time so it finally dawned on me that biking would be a good solution. Wow, biking really works those thigh muscles; yowsers! So far no results on the scale, but then I've been a little out of control with my eating lately. Yes, stress eating with all that's been going on, but I'm resolved to get back on track, starting with a trip to the grocery store to load up on fruit tonight. :)

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