Friday, January 30, 2009

The Week That Was...In Food

We mostly followed our menu plan this week, with a couple of exceptions. I can't remember what we ate Monday night but it wasn't the Spiced Chicken with Black Eyed Peas and Rice. We had take out for Tuesday lunch and the turkey Tuesday night. I bought a turkey breast roast to cook and it was...odd. I definitely like the real turkey breast better and will stick with that in the future, but the roast was worth a try. Since I was using the turkey for 2 meals I was worried a larger breast wouldn't fit in the crock pot (which I've had issues with in the past; I wish I had a deeper one) so I bought the roast. I made the soup with the leftover turkey the next night and it was...bland and boring. I probably won't make it again, even though it would be better with real turkey. Wednesday lunch didn't work out either (see comments after the recipe) and the recipe went in the garbage. I was out delivering The Niece to her job on Thursday around lunch and with all the lay offs I knew DH wouldn't feel like making his spaghetti for lunch, so I picked up sandwiches from the local bagel and sandwich shop and shifted spaghetti to Friday. We had the creamy chicken and pasta soup Friday night and it was pretty good! It's a new-to-me recipe from the Pillsbury Fast and Healthy cookbook and I tweaked it a little; I'll post the recipe with my changes separately. I picked up a loaf of whole wheat french bread from a local grocery store to go with it and it was the perfect meal for a chilly night. The only problem was portion control- it was so good I ate too much!!!

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