Sunday, August 23, 2009

Julie and Julia

I went out with a friend to see Julie and Julia yesterday. I loved it! I've read some criticism that the "Julie" parts aren't as good as the "Julia" parts but I think Amy Adams is adorable so I enjoyed every bit. Yes, I can also agree with the critics that Meryl Streep could handle an entire movie about Julia Child without the Julie bits, but that's not the movie that they made, so I'm happy with it. I really enjoyed the interplay between Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci. They had some chemistry going on as Julia and Paul Child; wow! I think the relationship between the two of them was my favorite part of the movie. Oh, and Paris; there's always Paris.

After the movie my friend and I were discussing the Julie/Julia Project web site the movie is based on. The parts I've read, some at the beginning and a few of the last posts, are all text. (She made some attempts to put pictures in one part but they wouldn't load for me.) Wouldn't fly in today's food blog world, let me tell you. I mean, have you seen the food blogs that are out there now? I had a link to Dutch Girl Cooking for the longest time on my blog roll but I just switched it out for Cannelle et Vanille. The Pioneer Woman Cooks is another one I particularly like, along with Use Real Butter and 17 and Baking, and these don't even scratch the surface! (Check out the top 50 food blogs article for more.)

The food bloggers are the Renaissance women and men of our time. Not only can they cook, but most of them also develop recipes. Then they write about them, typically in an interesting and witty fashion. Then there's the food styling and photography skills. Good heavens, it's absolutely mouth watering food porn. (Not my term, but oh so appropriately descriptive of the food photography. Check out Food Gawker if you really want to salivate.) They can do it all! I am in total awe.

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