Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm taking the Brownies camping this weekend. That's 5 nine year old girls. By myself. (Well, it's a Camporee so there will be other troops there, and one mom from the troop and her daughter will be coming up for the day on Saturday, but still. Trying to generate some sympathy here; sheese.) The weather is forecast to be absolutely gorgeous during the day but we will be freezing our buns off at night; brrrrr. The theme, appropriately enough considering the cold, is "Survivor". I've got my new rated-to-30-degrees sleeping bag, flannel jammies, mittens, a heavy hooded sweat shirt, and various other items to keep me warm so I'm hoping I won't be too miserable.

OK, here's where the sympathy really comes in. The girls chose "The Pink Llamas" as their "tribe" name (part of the Survivor theme) so we're going to learn the Llama Llama Duck song on the way up in the car. They'll be singing it over and over and over and over and over...

Pity me!!!

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Kevin said...

Hee, there is no way you are ready for this cold. 45F is going to absolutely freeze you.