Friday, April 22, 2011

Bag It: The Movie and Earth Day Resolutions

PBS is running a series of environmental/green programming for Earth Day. I was watching a few days ago and caught Bag It: the Movie, a documentary about all the plastic we use. All the free plastic that is really costing us all big time. They will air the movie again on my local PBS station; they might be showing it on yours, too, and if they are I strongly advise watching it. You have to know these things!!

The movie has led me to my Earth Day Resolution for 2011. I've been taking my own bags to the grocery for years now, I even use my own bags at other types of stores as well, but I am going to go it one better this year. I am going to take my own produce bags and bulk item jars, too. Apparently some stores that sell bulk items will let you weigh your container before filling it, then deduct that weight at the register. I can take my own jars for the fresh peanut butter my son loves. (They have machines to grind the peanuts at two stores we frequent.) I can take the containers I dump my raisins and organic popcorn and walnuts into as soon as I get home; saves me a step so it's all good.

We are also getting ready for hurricane season. I spoke with our tree trimmer and he's given us an estimate. His guys will be out next week to give our trees their annual pruning, which helps them weather any storms that may come our way. It's important to have them trimmed properly; I won't let anyone but this guy trim my trees. He's a trained arborist and even teaches classes for professional licensing. He's a natural born teacher, too. I always feel like I've learned a lot when he gets done walking around with me as he's working out the estimate. He fusses at me EVERY YEAR for not having proper tree rings around some of my trees, and every year I promise to do better. (I think I need to add that to my Earth Day Resolutions; I need to take proper care of my trees!) He also fusses about trees that are planted too deeply. When planting a tree you have to see the flare at the base of the trunk before it goes into the dirt. If you see straight trunk all the way into the ground you are seeing a tree that will not live out a full life span. The roots need to be able to take in oxygen and they can't do that if they are completely buried.

To wrap up, see Bag It, make your Earth Day Resolutions, and make sure you don't bury any trees you may plant too deeply.

Happy Earth Day!

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MrsPhilipswithoneL said...

That is awesome that they have stores there that grind the peanut to make fresh peanut butter yumm.