Friday, January 13, 2012


I fell down the stairs yesterday. Luckily, I was almost at the bottom when I tripped. I thought I WAS at the bottom, which is why I tripped. I was looking at a paper and kind of multi-tasking, watching the stairs around it. I guess that distorted my depth perception, and I went forward like I was on the flat landing when I really had a couple of steps still to go. Doh!

Wow, did it hurt at first. I fell hard and thought I'd broken my ankle. I grabbed for my phone and called home in a panic, but by the time DH got to the phone I managed to sit up and the pain was lessening a bit so I figured I'd be OK. Well, I am and I'm not. Even though I was sore as all get out I ran my scheduled errands, which involved walking, before finally settling down to assess the damage after I got home. My left ankle is so swollen! I haven't had cankles that bad since I was pregnant. My right knee is all scrapped up, which is minor but it stings like the dickens. My right toe is barely scrapped at all but I got some sharp, shooting pain for an hour or so after it happened. There are a few other little scrapes here and there, but my ankle bore the brunt.

DH put me to bed with my ankle elevated and iced and an Aleve for good measure; he's a pro at treating foot injuries. His expertise comes from lots of personal experience since he's a soccer player. (Yes, I married a jock.) I slept with it elevated all night, but even with that the swelling is worse today. I'm staying off my feet as much as possible, but the lack of movement triggers the fibro; can't win!

I am so aggravated with myself for not paying attention when I was going down those stairs. I'm normally so careful on stairs, typically hanging onto the banister. All it takes is one time, and wham, you're sidelined. I'm just thankful it wasn't worse; I could've done some real damage if I'd fallen at the top of the stairs. In the scheme of things, I got off pretty darn easy.

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