Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just Because

I was trying to take some video of our dogs doing their "zoomies" but they didn't cooperate, so I took some pictures instead. DH came out and hung out with me for a while. It's over cast but the temperature is nice so it was pleasant to be outside with the dogs. We're like empty nesters today- the kids are away with their grandparents. DH had thyroid surgery this past Tuesday and they came down to watch them for us while I was with DH in the hospital, then DH's sister and her family invited them to a vacation rental a few hours from here. This is the first time we've let them go somewhere without us, but it's time. They are old enough and they're having a ball with their cousins. DH is still a little sore from his surgery but he's recovering well. You can't even see the bandage (which is just a couple of pieces of tape) under the collar of his shirt in the picture, but if you look you can see a little bit of the swelling.

DH is petting Warren, our big boy. Warren was quite the racer back in his day- he raced over 100 times and won a bunch. Cina, our girl, only raced about a dozen times in the bush leagues and lost them all. That's because she's the princess- she's all about the love. I think she's been totally spoiled her entire life; the people at the adoption kennel were all in love with her, so there's no reason to think the people at her racing kennel weren't the same way, and she's such an affectionate creature. I didn't get a good picture of her because she was right by my side the whole time we were outside. Maybe next time!

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