Saturday, October 13, 2012

What is UP With That??

I'm no fashionista but I like to look neat, tidy, and somewhat pulled together. I don't spend a lot on clothes or a lot of time shopping, but I don't go to Wal Mart for my clothes either. Not to be snobby, I just don't want anything that's going to wear out after 4 washings. The girls have both dragged me out shopping recently so I've poked around the stores to see if I can find a new top or pants or something pretty for myself. Let me tell you, I wouldn't have the garbage they are selling in the stores now. JCPenney and Sears both have tanked as far as the quality of their clothes; I am so disappointed. There wasn't a single top I would have in either store; almost everything was made of thin, cheap, see-through material that wouldn't last 2 washings, let alone 4. From what I saw their clothes have come down to the quality Wal Mart used to carry. (And if that's what JCP and Sears carries, I can't imagine what Wal Mart is stocking!) I found some pants at JCP for Martha Jr. that were OK and I found clothes for The Wild Child at Sears the last time I took him shopping, but NOTHING in women's clothes. (The Wild Child wears shorts and T-shirts almost exclusively, so that's not really saying much, however.) I've walked out of Ross and TJ Maxx without buying anything recently, too. I'm starting to despair of ever finding decent, reasonably priced clothes again. Dillard's and Macy's never have anything that appeals to me from a style standpoint; everything is either too young or too old, and that's about it for stores in my area.

I have no idea where to buy clothes now. Guess when my current batch of clothes wear out I'll have to go around nekkies. ;)

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