Friday, January 3, 2014

A Quote and Thanksgiving

I'm not much of one for quotes but sometimes things stand out, like this one from A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness:

"Marthe belonged to the sustenance school of crisis management", location 5379-5385, Kindle version.

I love that!! It stands out because I can relate. When a crisis comes along, if I'm not the primary sufferer then my job is to make sure everyone is fed. That doesn't mean I necessarily cook, sometimes I do, but sometimes I orchestrate things, like sending someone out for take out, or calling for the pizza. I also grocery shop; I'm really good at grocery shopping. Whatever it takes, I make sure there's food for everyone because if you're going through a stressful event you need to eat. (Just don't send me to pick up the take out; I HATE getting take out orders.)

Now here's a picture of a very special meal, our Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious! I didn't cook all of it like my grandmother used to do, or even close to all of it, but I coordinated our efforts so no one person had to do too much yet we all contributed and had a fantastic meal. (And yes, those are my silly little white Corelle bowls, which I love, on the red stoneware. I never bought bowls to go with the plates so I had to make do! Well, at least the white and red look pretty together.)

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Matt said...

Love to see the little Corelle bowls!