Sunday, September 6, 2009

Evil Walmart is Evil Once Again

Just read this article then come back:

Wal-Mart Knocks Off the Girl Scouts

Can you believe it? I mean, just when you stop hearing about how rotten they are, they go and do something really, really vile. That's it, I've had it with Walmart; I will never, never, never darken the doors of that store again if they so much as sell a SINGLE package of those horrible cookie knock offs. Even at their worst, when they were getting the really bad publicity and documentaries were being made about how bad their business practices were, the one thing nice I could say was "they let Girl Scouts sell cookies in front of their stores". Now they might let us sell cookies there, but who's going to buy them when they can walk in the store and get the same cookie for less?

I'm absolutely livid.

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