Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book Review: Love Walked In

I'm on a reading binge right now. I bought a copy of Love Walked In to tuck in my beach bag for our Blizzard Beach day at Disney World and it did not disappoint. (I have a Kindle but I wanted a paper back for the water park. Can't see all the sand doing a Kindle any good, plus it would be unattended while we all went on the water rides. Real books will never die!!!) It was so well crafted. Now that I'm writing more myself as well as reading several blogs just because of the quality of the writing, I'm paying more attention to that sort of thing.

The story follows two characters, one young pre teen and a 30 something woman, as they find each other and form a deep friendship. The woman dates the young girl's emotionally distant dad and winds up babysitting when the dad goes to London. The girl's mom has recently abandoned her due to the onset of mental illness and the child has no one to fall back on, except the dad's girlfriend. The child manages to create a family and support network for herself from this, following in the footsteps of the "plucky" heroines she admires in literature. I was charmed by both the story and the writing; it's a good summer read.

I'm currently reading two non-fiction books about going veg (Becoming Vegan and The New Becoming Vegetarian) and I've started the newest Stephanie Plum novel. My only problem is my best reading time is right before bed, but I've been passing out every night as soon as I lay down. When Stephanie Plum can't keep me awake, you know it's bad!


The Voracious Vegan said...

Yay! I'm always looking for new book suggestions, thank you for these.

Kim said...

You are most welcome! I'll probably be adding some of your suggestions to my reading list too. (I have "The Shock Doctrine" on my bedside table but haven't read it yet.)