Monday, May 9, 2011

Where is Your Self Respect????

I had to go see the eye doctor today. (I have a cold and it morphed into pink eye, lucky me!) While I was there I was stuck in a waiting room with a TV tuned to MTV, unfortunately. I could not BELIEVE what I was watching! There was a young 20 something on the show talking to her boyfriend and complaining that he never compliments her enough. She must have asked him "am I pretty?" about a zillion times in the 5 minutes I was watching. She also said something about how she had a boob job just for him and he never seems to be impressed by that. The next scene is in her plastic surgeon's office where she's asking for a new face. Thank goodness the plastic surgeon had enough sense to tell her she wasn't seeing herself the way others see her. (She was, actually, pretty.)

I was gagging! I mean really? Women out there are really that shallow? Women out there are so afraid that all they have to offer the world is how they look? Wow, feminism has failed BIG TIME if that's the case. I mean, why couldn't this girl talk about anything other than how she looked? Why couldn't she go and, I don't know, read a book or something and talk about that? Or watch the news and form an opinion about something? And why, why, why are shows like that on the air? Well, I know why it's on the air, it's because people watch it. So then the question actually is why, why, why are people watching that drivel?

I don't get it. I also don't get why people buy magazines like the "National Enquirer", either. Everyone knows they lie and make up the most horrific, ridiculous stories they can possibly come up with. They hurt people. Stars and celebrities are people, too; what, you don't think reading lies about themselves hurts? Oh, sure, there's probably a subset of people who act out just to get the coverage, (no publicity is bad publicity, or something like that) but then why would I want to read about them, either? And when you're talking about those magazines hurting people, look at Princess Diana.

I believe in voting with my dollars and, I am proud to say, I have NEVER, ever, ever in my life spent a dollar (or any other amount) on one of those grocery store rags. I also don't watch "Jersey Shore" or any of those other shows that thrive on making a group of people look low class and rude. I tuned in to "Jerseylicious" once just to see what the fuss was about. For about 5 minutes, then I couldn't take anymore and changed the channel. I'm sure there are people out there who get a kick out of those shows, and more power to them, but the problem comes in when you let shows like that shape your values.

My biggest beef with the current generation and their values (and to my friends who've heard me rant about this before, please forgive me for the repetition) is this thing that the young girls have now about cheating boyfriends. They don't blame the boyfriend, they blame the girl he's cheating with and get all up in arms and want to beat her up. I mean, really, physically beat her up. Honey, if he cheats on you with one girl, it's not the girl's fault, it's his. If you kick her butt he'll find someone else. Do you think you can beat up all of the other girls in the world? Um, no, you can't. The only option is to kick HIS butt, right to the curb. A cheater is a cheater and will never be capable of a loving, monogamous relationship, so do yourself a favor and let him go. Have the self respect to dump him, because HE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU! Plus he's probably getting off on seeing you get all upset and trying to fight with the girl he's cheating on you with; it's a big ego trip. Don't let yourself be manipulated like that, for Pete's sake.

And now I'm done ranting. My eyes are still dilated and I can't look at the computer anymore!!


Kevin said...

You are so pretty when you rant!

MrsPhilipswithoneL said...

OK so I came on here to tell you thank you so much for all of our Christmas presents. So a BIG thank you to all of you.

Now to the comment on this particular post. I can't believe the girls now either. They think that oh he cheated once, but it isn't his fault it is both of their faults (him and the girl that he cheated with). Also then the girl that he cheated with thinks oh he would never do that to me. HELLO.... sorry that is just so sad. About Jersey Shore. I haven't ever watched it either, why would anyone want to watch all of that drama. I guess some people like the drama, I just think it makes me tired watching it. Granted I do like watching the fake drama like Grey's Anatomy and Bones :0) I can't believe your eye doctor's office had on MTV...we aren't even allowed to cut the TV on channel 9 when soap operas are on. We had it on that channel after the news went off one day because we weren't paying attention (we were working :0)) and someone went off on us. Then someone went off on us one time on a Sunday morning after the news went off preaching came on I think (again wasn't paying attention) and they complained to the big guys with the company. Can't make everyone happy I guess we keep it on either the game show network now or the all news network(<----which isn't much better than the soap operas). OK I'm done. You and your family should come up this summer, we are having a little b-day party for Mac at Sue's house on June 4th.