Friday, June 3, 2011

I Should...

I should probably post something since it's been a while, but my muse seems to have left me. Here are some random, rambly thoughts for you instead of a real post:

~ DH won a bike! He entered into a drawing and they called yesterday. He picked the bike up today and it's a cutey! The funny thing is he can't remember who sponsored the give away, but whomever it may be, THANKS!

~ Our tomatoes have WORMS- yuck. But they are only getting a small portion of them; there are enough to go around. We had a little teeny watermelon growing; I was so excited, but then today I checked on it and it's a goner. It's got a big black spot on the bottom. Sadness.

~ I've been working with two friends of mine to save the world! Seriously, we're even thinking of starting a non-profit to... well, to do a lot of wonderful things, but I'm not going to divulge any more information until things are more solidified. It's still not definite so we'll see where it goes. I can tell you, though, that I love working with these two amazing, strong, caring, powerful women. I am honored that they asked me to join them.

~ I've been making No Tuna Bread Salad for a while now; it's a favorite recipe. It's changed a little bit, though. We realized that we like the bread cubes a lot better when I toast them up and turn them into croutons. The crunch is a great contrast to the rest of the flavors in the salad.

~ The purple purse is no more. It started to fall apart (I didn't spend a lot of money on it so it was no surprise) and I retired it about a month ago. I switched to a splashy floral purse but it didn't close up so everything would fall out of it, which just didn't work for me. I went shopping and found a cute faux crocodile purse that I absolutely love. It's just the right size to carry my essentials plus has room for the extras I need to throw in there now and again. I also found a PurseN purse organizer that is FABULOUS. I got it for about $20.00 at Ross or TJ Maxx so don't pay more than that if you get one! I bought a red one but I wish I could find it in other colors/patterns for that price; I can't imagine not using one from here on out since it keeps my purse all neat and tidy.

~ DH bought a yo-yo for The Wild Child. He is thrilled with it! DH started teaching him tricks then researched yo-yos on-line. Did you know there are yo-yos that sell for upwards of $100.00? Me either! They've gone all high tech with brakes and what not. Very fancy. You should see my boys sleeping their yo-yos; wow.

~ I am taking my Girl Scouts to archery tomorrow morning so it's time for bed. Goodnight noises everywhere.

PS: DH found out who sponsored the bike give away; it's printed on the bike! It's a company called Amazing Grass; check them out!

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