Saturday, April 21, 2012


I found these two quiz websites, Sporcle and Jet Punk, when I was looking for a US map quiz. (For some crazy reason I wanted to learn where all of our states are located.) DH and I found ourselves addicted; it's like taking bar trivia quizzes without the bar! We go through spurts where we can't get enough. We'll sit and answer trivia questions for an hour or so, easy. I've added several of the map quizzes to my links list, and finally decided to set up a separate section for them and add a bunch more. Thanks to these quizzes I can now tell you where any state is in the US and where any country is in Europe. (Although I'm still a little shaky on Europe; that's new.) I want to master all of the other maps I've listed over there as well. It's only a matter of practice, after all. When I first start taking any of the quizzes I am TERRIBLE!! My base knowledge of geography is, I'm ashamed to admit, absolutely dismal. But no more! I shall practice, I shall learn, and I shall still fail all the PRI geo quizzes! Huzzah!

Give some of the quizzes a try; how do you stack up?

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Mark said...

I'm the same way -- love these sorts of quizzes. I've got Africa down cold but not Europe just yet.