Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

It's been a mixed bag this holiday season, but in spite of the disasters the actual holidays themselves have been very special. We got to spend Thanksgiving with my mom and her side of the family, then Christmas Eve with just the 5 of us here at home, then for Christmas Day brunch my brother drove my dad over to hang out for a few hours. We cooked some amazing food (I'm never going to work off the calories!!) and had a great time with loved ones. We were also able to get together with friends a few times during the month; we are truly blessed.

I'm hoping for a 2013 with just as much good stuff as 2012, but without all the bad things that happened!! I'm also wishing the same for you and yours- Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings, and a Happy New Year!!

My dad, my brother, Martha Jr., and DH waiting to eat Christmas brunch. (The Wild Child and The Eldest were milling around somewhere; I was behind the camera.)

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