Saturday, December 8, 2012

When it Rains...

It really pours!!

It's been a run of bad luck around here for the past few weeks, but it all falls in the "could be worse" category. The Eldest wrecked her car thanks to a police officer running a red light (the car was a complete loss but no one was hurt) as we were leaving for a visit to my mom several states away, then she wrecked DH's car a mere 11 days later (once again no one was hurt and DH's car is fixable). As if that weren't enough, DH turned soccer into a contact sport and broke his hand last weekend and had to have out patient surgery on Wednesday. (But he's right handed and he injured his left hand.) A day or two before the soccer game we received 4 notices from our home owner's association about work we have to do around the house including pressure washing the roof and painting. It's all stuff we needed to do but I was hoping to wait until after the holidays; no such luck, they want it done in 30 days or less. That means I'm driving The Eldest to classes, orchestrating our schedule around surgery, fighting with the car insurance company, dealing with contractors about the work around the house, and trying to get ready for the holidays all at once.


I guess it all comes under the heading "first world problems", but put it all together and it makes for a stressful few weeks.

On the positive side, for those of you who hate cheerful holiday newsletters, I can put together a doozy of mournful letter this year!

Here are before and after pics of the house:

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