Sunday, January 10, 2010


You'd think my teenager, The Eldest, would be anxious to get her driver's license like most teens ON THE PLANET, but NOOOOO, she has to be all unique and different and in no hurry to drive at all. Which means I have chauffeur duty in order to get her to her classes, tutors, and various activities. I took her to take the test for her learner's permit but she bombed. I keep bugging her to study and I'll take her in again but she won't do it. I finally laid down the law a couple of days ago and told her Mom's taxi service is out of business, for her anyway, when she turns 18. (Which isn't that far away.)

I'm of two minds about it, however, since car accidents are such a huge cause of teen fatalities. On the one hand it would make my life a lot easier if she could drive, but on the other hand it is a dangerous thing for her to do and I would be constantly worried. (I'm a huge worrier at the best of times.) I keep nudging her but I don't want to push too hard; if she's not ready, she's not ready.

I got her today, though. She's been jonesing for a burrito from a little Mexican place that's not too far away but it's not exactly in our neighborhood or on my regular driving routes. I pointed out that if she were driving, she could go get her own darn burrito. I think she's tempted. ;)

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