Saturday, April 17, 2010

Butterfly Report

The Monarch caterpillars are eating us out of house and... milkweed! I was out running errands all day today and planned to stop by the home improvement center to get more but I was out of gas. (Personally, not the car. It's a fibro thing; I'm no energizer bunny.) Now that I've had a chance to sit for a little while and take some Tylenol I'm going to head out again, which is really hard. I'll do it for the cater-pooters (as The Eldest calls them) though! They are so cute. Today we found a hatchling on a milkweed that was totally bare so I moved it. It was so tiny! Just like the big guys only... mini. We also found a giganto caterpillar heading up on a tall plant next to the milkweed. We grabbed him and put him (or her) in our bugville treehouse and he's up at the top now getting ready to cocoon.

Those weren't the only caterpillars I moved today. I woke up early this morning (early for me, anyway) and went outside to take out a bag of trash before the garbage truck arrived. I walked over to check on our little buggies and realized quite a few of them were in danger of running out of leaves. So there I was in my nightgown moving caterpillars around... sheese.

Never a dull moment when you're a caterpillar mama!!

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