Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I love Earth Day, although today wasn't a big one as Earth Days have gone for our family. DH had to go to work so we couldn't really do anything special. I bought some more plants for the butterflies and took the kids on a bike ride so we were out enjoying this day on our planet. I've also decided on my Earth Day Resolution. I want to start composting. I saw some sleek composters on a gardener's supply website, along with little trash cans to use for vegetable waste in the kitchen, so I'm planning to order those shortly.

We should do really well with composting; unfortunately we generate a lot of waste. I'm trying to improve, really and truly, by shopping more carefully but it's hard. My biggest issue is buying just the right amount of fresh produce, then getting it home and getting it eaten before it goes bad. Rather my biggest issue is NOT buying the right amount, I over-buy, then it doesn't get eaten, and it rots. Very distressing. If we're composting at least that produce will be put to good use!

What are your Earth Day Resolutions? Rambling Family Manager wants to know! :)

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Mark said...

That's a good one... I've been wanting to compost for a while but am reluctant because we're renting. And, because it can be smelly, and because I'm afraid the dog would get in it.

We're pretty low on energy use, so I'm not sure what to resolve... I should maybe get more active with some neighborhood environmental groups.