Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book Review: Between, Georgia

I've been stuck walking on my treadmill for the past two days. Have I mentioned that I HATE walking on my treadmill? The only way it's bearable is if I can read. The best way to read while walking on the treadmill, hands down, is with my Kindle. I can set the font to extra large which is necessary because of my darn aging eyeballs and the fact that I can't bring the book as close to said eyeballs as I would like, but reading glasses don't work well when the book is far away. (A lower power than I normally use works, if the font is large enough.) The Kindle is also great because it sits nicely on the music stand I have rigged up to hold my reading material on the treadmill. It's also easy to turn the pages; with a regular book or magazine page turning while walking can be tricky.

So, since I had to walk on the treadmill, I had to find a new book, which is also easy with the Kindle. I had a bunch of book samples on there from the last time I went browsing. One of them was for a book called "Between, Georgia". I started reading the sample and got hooked; I ordered the book after about 3 pages. (And the books are delivered almost instantaneously, which is great.) I don't want to give the story away, but I was riveted. I read the book in two days (so it got me through two treadmill walks) and loved every second of it. There was adventure and romance and quirky characters and mean dogs and explosions and... an ending, but I won't tell you what kind. The main characters are wonderfully human and flawed. The reviews on Amazon can give more details; I'll end with telling you I enjoyed it, and if you're looking for something to entertain you on a treadmill, go for it!


Leah said...

Kindle has become a bad habit for me, especially with the "Buy with one-click," because I'm disconnected from the whole paying process. But it's great to be at the gym or on a long car ride (as a passenger!) and be able to buy a new book.

Kim said...

The whole concept of the e-readers is great! My husband has a Nook; my oldest daughter and I both have Kindles. You just can't beat the instant gratification, although there are some books I would rather have in paper. Cookbooks, travel guide books, reference books, any book with pictures, and any book you would want to flip through quickly- they just don't work on a Kindle.