Friday, October 1, 2010


Today is the start of National Blog Writer's Month, or NaBloWriMo for short. The idea is to write a post a day, which is a huge increase from my normal posting rate of a couple of times per week, more or less.

I found a little extra time for today's post since I'm not taking the kids to our weekly homeschooling group meeting. When we started up with academics this year I told them they had to get their work done in order to be able to go each week. Yep, you guessed it- they didn't get enough done this time. The Youngest, aka The Wild Child, fought me every blessed day and didn't finish much at all. The Middle Child was a little more cooperative but still didn't come close to finishing as much as I needed her to. Blech. I hate it when I have to enforce the rules, but I have to do something.

Things have been so bad with The Wild Child I had to do two somethings, actually. I unplugged him. He doesn't know it yet but I unplugged the TV this morning. He's not getting anything done, even when I stand over him, then he runs into the TV room and turns the set on the second I turn my attention elsewhere. It's a constant battle, and I'm embarrassed to say that a lot of the time I let him get away with it because it's keeping him busy when I need to rest or get things done around the house. Well, enough. My little TV addict needs to get a life away from the tube. When I need to rest or get things done he can find something more constructive than TV to occupy his time from now on.

I just hope I can survive it...

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