Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Dream Birthday

My birthday is rapidly approaching so I've been thinking about how I want to spend the day. My dream birthday would involve trips to exotic locales with a happy (as vs. cranky that I made him travel) DH. The Eldest is also a fine traveling companion.

But that's not happening, so I am planning for a more realistic dream birthday. The day will start with a family lunch at my favorite restaurant where I will order all of my favorite menu items and have two bites of their amazing Key Lime Pie for dessert. After that I want to head to the movies with my "lady frenzz" (as my 19 year old "claimed" sister calls them) to see "Eat, Pray, Love". (Claimed sisters, I have two of them, are both invited of course, along with all of my other female friends.) DH is NOT invited; he'll scoff through the whole movie and wreck it for me. (I know these things about him; we have history.) After that I want to be home in time to catch the early part of the sunset on my walk, with enough sunset left over for a quick bike ride to finish the day. Well, the daylight part of the day. Then some chill time after my walk while the kids make dinner.

I'm also hoping for no eye rolls or huffy sighs from The Eldest. (OK, she's not bad about the eye rolls and huffy sighs MOST of the time; I'm teasing her a little bit here.) I was hoping she would have her restricted license before my birthday but we couldn't get an appointment at the DMV until a week afterward. (Yes, I have one of those rare teens who does NOT want to drive; it's quite the power struggle now. I've been bugging her about it for over two years. If she fails her test again this time...) And the little ones- I can only hope for lots of hugs and kisses and doing what they are told to do the first time they are asked. Yeah, that lots of hugs and kisses thing; that's pretty much hoped for from everyone! :)

And finally, as for aging, it's happening. I'm closer to 50 now than 30. I can still claim mid-40s, but just barely. It's OK; sure beats the alternative! I've never been one to mind aging. As long as I am able to learn and love and grow, it's all good.

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