Friday, August 6, 2010

Why Did I Post That??

Sometimes I post stuff then go wait, why did I do that? My last post about fibromyalgia is one of those. I'm not sure why I wrote that, to be honest. I'm not looking for pity, that's for sure. I know I was frustrated when I was writing since it was such a bad day and I needed to vent, so I guess that's part of it. Today was better. I had more energy; I didn't have that walking under water feeling, either.

I have a lot of good things going for me in regards to having fibro. I'm lucky I don't have to generate an income for my family since DH makes enough to support us. I don't know that I would be able to function if I had to work full time again; I would have nothing left for enjoying life, but luckily that's not an issue. I can set my own schedule and take it easy when I need to, although I tend to over do things and get myself in a pickle with commitments every now and again. We have good insurance that is covering things like acupuncture and any doctor visits I feel I need. I don't have fibro as badly as some people do. There are people out there who are bed ridden with it; I have a mild case in comparison. It's not a progressive illness, so as bad as it is now is as bad as it will ever get. I have a lot more good days than bad ones. The flare ups can get really bad, but they are usually over in a day or two. Most importantly, I have DH. He doesn't always get it when I'm hurting, but when he does he gets it right. He doesn't hover or make me feel like he's pitying me at all, he's supportive, and he does more than his fair share to keep our household running. I feel guilty when he works a full day then comes home to no dinner and dishes piled high in the sink, but he's great about it. (OK, he gets cranky every now and again, but he's human; he's entitled. Then he cooks the meal and throws the dishes in the dishwasher, saving the day like the knight in shining armor that he is.)

I don't let the fibro stop me from living my life. I took The Eldest to Europe last year. I go camping with my Girl Scouts. I exercise. I sign up for things. I didn't miss a single day of the classes I took recently. Basically, I live by the hold-your-nose-and-jump-in philosophy. I plan things, and if I'm having a bad day when those things roll around, I deal with it. It's manageable. It's not fun, but it's manageable, and it's not stopping me.

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Kevin said...

You need to modify this to indicate your pain level. You don't look any different when you don't feel well.