Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back to School

I'm a college student once again. I have to take 2 classes every 5 years to renew my teaching certificate, and the time has rolled around. I'm knocking out one of the courses over the summer so I don't have to take one in the fall. (I'll complete the second course in January.) We have a family wedding to go to in the fall and then there's Girl Scouts, which is really busy at the start of the regular school year, so I want to keep the time free for those things. I had a heck of a time figuring out which class to take. I kept hitting roadblocks when I was trying to register; sheese. I didn't want any class that met every day or at any of the campuses further away. (The college has campuses all over the county.) I was looking for an on-line or blended course so I would be able to complete some of the work at home. I finally settled on a blended Wellness class, part on campus and part on-line, but it had a required meeting on campus way back in May. It looked like that was for summer A term but I wanted to sign up for summer B, so I needed to talk to a live body about that. (Turns out it was a moot point since the class was full.) Then there were several other classes that had a "special designation: writing course" listed and the on-line system wouldn't let me register for those, but the advisor told me she would be able to over-ride that for me, which meant having to register with the live body again. I went in today to try to get that done but the advisor was already gone for the day. Luckily the other folks in the office were able to help me out, and I wound up in Art Appreciation. DH teased me that I registered for a "jock class", but I don't care! I want easy! I'm also kind of excited about it since it will relate back to the museums I visited and all of the art I saw during my trip to Europe with The Eldest. Museum after museum after museum... Now I can make sense of it all, after the fact. ;) Only it's probably going to be frustrating to learn about things I missed. ~:-P


Kevin said...

Freshmen, geez.

Mark said...

>Only it's probably going to be frustrating to learn about things I missed.

No problem, you'll just have to go back :-)

I was waiting to read your tales of Barcelona but they never came. Any chance of a post-trip retrospective?

Kim said...

Ohmygosh, I do have a lot to write up. Yes, it's my intent to write more about the trip along with posting the pictures... eventually!