Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Wedding!

The Middle Child is going to be in a wedding in the fall. She's so excited; we went to the bridal store so she could try on her dress tonight. She fell in love with it, especially because, in addition to being lovely, "it's really comfortable". ;) Her only complaint was "it's heavy", but that didn't seem to bother her too much. She's ultra picky about her clothes so I was kind of worried about it, but now I'm breathing a sigh of relief about that aspect of things anyway. I'm a little nervous about the delivery, though. They had to order the dress and it's not coming until a few weeks before the wedding, then it will have to be altered. If anything is wrong, like they send the wrong color or something, we're up a creek. The people at the bridal shop were freaking me out about it, too- they were telling tales of mis-ordered flower girl dresses past. When we were placing the actual order for her white dress with apple trim the guy was reading off the computer and said "that's white and banana, right?"

Oh, how I hope he was joking!


Tristin said...

White and banana. That'd be a horrible mistake. But I'm sure she'll enjoy the wedding.

I think they're probably enjoyable. Though I only remember two, and one was a ploy so that my young self wouldn't know that they went off to Rome without me.

But the other one was awesome. Big boats, nice cake, cool candle Indian style ceremony.

Welcome back, btw. :P

Kim said...

It's good to be back! :) We enjoyed the trip, but like Dorothy says...there's no place like home.