Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Son

Soccer season is over. It was kind of a bust; the last game was canceled due to standing water on the fields and they can't offer a make up day since the fields are undergoing renovation as of yesterday. I didn't want The Youngest and his team mates to be disappointed so I called the coach and offered to have everyone from the team come over to our house for an impromptu end of the season party. I had cupcakes, after all. I managed to call everyone (and actually reached a live person for most of the boys) and they came over. The coach picked up the team trophies and brought those. I set up a table and a bunch of chairs out under a tree next to the lake and all of the snacks (another parent brought goodies too) and we had a party! Coach handed out the trophies by calling all of the boys one by one and giving out high fives and we took loads of pictures. At that point the storm clouds and thunder threatened so everyone took that as a cue to leave. Only one boy fell in the lake so I consider it a huge success!

The Youngest is too cute for words with his trophy. It's his very first one and he is so proud of it. He cleaned and polished it thoroughly before placing it next to all of his dad's trophies in the computer room window. I could just burst with how much I love my kids.

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Loretta said...

Hugs to the youngest on getting a trophy.