Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Oh, the evil food corporations have pulled one over on me, but thanks to The Middle Child we've discovered their foul plot. I've been preaching the evils of high fructose corn syrup for some time since it's icky processed yuck that may even contain mercury, in spite of the snarky ads from the HFCS industry, and avoiding products with it on the ingredient list like the plague. Seems Del Monte got one over on me, though. We just about live on stewed tomatoes. They go into three or four of our regular meals and have for...oh, about 100 years now. The Middle Child decided to read the ingredients list last night and discovered...are you ready... HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!!! I thought it was just tomatoes in there so I never thought to check THAT label! Seems they are a jump ahead of us, though; she also checked a newer can and it contains regular old sugar. Our chili, spaghetti, and beef-a-roni recipes are saved! But man, oh man, I resent that we've been unknowingly putting that yuck in our bodies for the past gazillion years. ~:-O

I'm tempted to boycott the Del Monte brand for contaminating us for so long, even if they've switched to sugar. I'm going to have to find a brand of stewed tomatoes at Whole Foods, I guess. No more boxes on the cheap from Costco, but our health is worth it. Grrrr.

Stupid corporations. It makes me so mad that they count on consumers having blindfolds on like I had about this particular product. One day they'll wake up and realize there's a large chunk of the population that doesn't want to eat processed crap that's not good for us!

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