Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck O' the Irish to Ya!

Now that St. Patrick's Day is over, here's my post for the occasion; a little late, just like everything lately, but here at last. We didn't go too crazy around here but we all wore green and we ate Irish food and green food for dinner. The Irish food took the form of Irish Soda Bread, which came out with the texture of a pound cake but not as sweet. (The Wild Child topped his with maple syrup and had that for dinner; he can make any meal unhealthy!) We had Holy Moly Guacamole from Hungry Girl that was surprisingly good, and also a little sweet. Plus VERY GREEN. (Yes, a Mexican recipe, but it was green, OK!?!) The recipe is great, too; it gives you the flavor of a good guacamole but cuts the calories by subbing PEAS, of all things, for a huge portion of the avocado. I don't usually watch Hungry Girl because I didn't like one of her cookbooks I leafed through due to her heavy use of artificial sweeteners. I don't do artificial sweeteners at all, so I never made a point to watch the show. I was flipping channels one day, though, and she was making the guacamole. I was so fascinated by the use of peas, which is sheer genius, and had to check out the recipe on the Cooking Channel website. I made baked tortilla chips from spinach flavor tortillas, so they were green, too. Well, the ones I didn't burn, anyway.

We also had broccoli soup, a modified recipe from a mushroom soup recipe on the Poor Girl Eats Well website. (I've mentioned this recipe here before.) You pretty much sub broccoli for mushrooms, but DH made it (I was planning to do it but I was too wiped out from the rest of the day and making the guac and bread- once again he comes to my rescue) and he says he didn't follow the recipe too closely. He read through the recipe then winged it. I think you could make a fine broccoli soup just making the one substitution, though. It's also good with a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese on top, but only if it's a good quality cheddar. (We like the store brand of cheddar from Whole Foods.)

I also bought ingredients for a green smoothie but we never got around to making it, so we'll have that for tomorrow. You don't need to wait for St. Patrick's Day to enjoy a green smoothie, that's for sure!

So that was our day!

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Veggie Kid Cooking said...

Peas?!?!? In guacamole?!?!? Well it sounds pretty genius to me! I'll have to get me some of that.