Sunday, March 13, 2011

UPS Sucks

Most of the time, UPS does just fine and delivers packages to where they are supposed to go in a timely manner. When they screw up, however, forget about it. When we first moved into our current house UPS delivered a package to our door that belonged to someone 5 streets away. Now, we have an address in our community that is very close to ours and we are constantly getting their stuff and vice versa; it's annoying, but we can understand the error, and we just take them their stuff and they bring us ours. This was NOT one of those cases. The address was NOTHING like ours! The house number and street name could in no way be mistaken for ours.

That's when the fun started. I tried to contact UPS to find out what to do about it. Ever tried to contact UPS? I couldn't get a real person, first of all. Then I had the brilliant idea to GO TO the UPS store. I walked in right before closing time; they didn't even want to let me in at first. I approached the girls at the counter and explained that the package was mis-delivered. They were confused. THE PACKAGE IS NOT MINE; IT NEEDS TO BE RE-DELIVERED TO THE CORRECT PERSON. How hard is that to understand? It was like I was speaking Martian or something. Blank stares. Then they said no, no, no, they couldn't take the package back, and if I wanted it to be delivered anywhere they would have to charge me. I said you don't even know who I am. They said well, we'll just deliver it back to you then. I said BRILLIANT, go ahead and deliver it back to me. That meant they would have to deliver it to the addressee, which is what I wanted in the first place. I left the package and walked out shaking my head.

Jump to today. We got a call from our gatehouse that someone wanted to come in and bring us a package. It's Sunday! UPS doesn't deliver today, and besides, the gatehouse doesn't call for UPS. That means someone else from outside of our neighborhood got our package and was very kindly re-delivering it for UPS.

Thank you, good, honest people for taking time out of your day to deliver a package to us when UPS should have done it right the first time. I am grateful, and I promise I will pay it forward. (They put the package by the door and drove off before we could thank them personally, so this is the best I can do.)


MrsPhilipswithoneL said...

My UPS guy is awesome, but my mailman gets mixed up :0)

Kim said...

Well, MOST of the time UPS is perfect, it's just that when they mess up there's no easy way to get the problem resolved. Very frustrating. At least with mis-directed regular mail I just put it back in the mail box and the post person re-delivers; easy peesy.

cardiogirl said...

Get out of here! They told you they would charge YOU to take it back and deliver it to the right person?

See, this is the kind of stuff that frightens me -- the next generation isn't really into the details and figuring stuff out. So when I'm 75 and trying to get my Social Security check so I can buy a pack of bubble gum no one will be able to help me.

Kim said...

Scary, isn't it!!