Friday, March 11, 2011

My Seed Box

Over the years the kids and I have accumulated a lot of seeds, to the point where I had little piles of seed packets in several locations all around the house. I had no idea what I had or when to plant it, and I finally realized it was a ridiculous situation. Organization had to be applied, especially now that we are gardening and the chance of actually PLANTING some of our seeds is high. I gathered all the seeds (I hope)and put them in a big pile. I got out an empty photo storage box from my scrapbooking days (another hobby I'm not keeping up with) and started sorting.

I used the dividers in the box to make a section for each month. (Luckily there were 12 dividers; very handy.) The seeds were filed according to the month when they can be planted. Where a range was given on the seed packet, they went in the closest upcoming planting month. Using that method, we have a HUGE section for March! There's a lot that can go in the ground right now, which is fun. The Wild Child is working on a 4H project so we cleared all of our planting bed except for the tomato plants. (The only plants doing well anyway.) We put down more compost and fresh soil to build the bed up even more, and now it's ready to go. I'm hoping we'll get a chance to get out there and plant more seeds this weekend!

After we finally put the Christmas decorations away, that is...


MrsPhilipswithoneL said...

That is an awesome idea. I have a ton of scrap booking stuff too. I always said when we get our own house and I have a spare room that I will start scrap booking again. Good excuse I know ;)

Kim said...

I do miss scrapbooking but there just isn't any time, and even with my desk and storage for my supplies, there doesn't ever seem to be enough space, either. Plus we hardly ever print out pictures anymore. They go right onto the computer and I never remember to get them to a website where I can have them printed. ~:-/