Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is my new hero. He was the lone dissenting voice in the case against Westboro Baptist Church, where the court upheld Westboro's side, saying they can spew their hatred anywhere they want, even at funerals. They don't care about the emotional pain and trauma inflicted on the family of the deceased soldier. They don't care about dignity and respect for families who have made the ultimate sacrifice in losing their loved one to protect our country. Do they think our Founding Fathers, over 200 years ago, would have allowed such hatred? Would they be proud to see the Constitution being twisted to allow what Westboro is doing? They would be rolling over in their graves.

There have been several Supreme Court rulings that I have found to be an absolute travesty in recent years. The last one before this was giving corporations the same rights of free speech as individuals. Corporations are NOT people and should not be allowed to influence our elections. That is so wrong on so many levels I can not even believe it. Another ruling I take issue with has to do with imminent domain. Local governments are now allowed to take private property for the most frivolous of reasons. All it takes is a developer with the cash to buy off a city commission, and that house you've lived in, raised your family in, hoped to live out your days in, is now toast. It's disgusting. Where's the common sense? Where's the compassion? It's certainly not to be found in the highest court in our country anymore.

And there- now you know about 3 Supreme Court cases so you're more informed than Sarah Palin.

PS: As my commenter points out, it's eminent domain. And Samuel Alito is only my hero on this one case!! He's far too conservative for my taste otherwise. ~:-P

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