Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I'm Listening To

I take half hour walks almost daily around my neighborhood with my trusty MP3 player hooked onto my pocket. Usually I listen to NPR (love, love, love NPR) but they are having their annual pledge drive so I've been listening to my downloaded music instead. (Note to self: mentioning NPR reminds me I have to go pledge!!!) DH put an album on there for me after I heard one song by V.V. Brown. I never listened to the whole album before but after hearing a few more of her songs in my rotation I finally decided I had to listen to all of them. She sings with such feistiness and gusto; this is a woman who is grabbing life with both hands. Her music also has a great beat for walking; it gets my intensity up, which is always good!

Another artist I enjoy is Brown's fellow Brit, Mika. He does not get enough attention over here in the states, but his songs are fantastic. Go watch this video or this one and tell me you're not hooked; they are absolutely infectious!

Whenever any of the songs by these artists come up in my rotation it's all I can do not to dance around the block. I may be a musical geek in the eyes of DH and The Eldest, but I know what I like when I hear it!

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