Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am up to my neck in cookies! It's that time of year- Girl Scout cookies, and with 3 girls in Girl Scouts we have a bunch of them floating around the house. At least this year The Youngest isn't just swiping them; he actually paid for a box with his own money! That's progress. :) I went with The Middle Child to sit at a cookie booth in front of a local supermarket for 2 hours and I have several more booths to go before it's all over. The little girls are earning money for a trip to NASA where they get to sleep under rockets! The big girls are earning money for...something. They decide after the fact. They've been to NASA already, a water park, a theme park, and one year when they didn't earn a lot of money they did a "trip" where they house-hopped and went to a bunch of local things like bowling, roller skating, etc. The troop earns a small portion of the price of each box, the bakery gets their share, and our local council gets the rest. The council uses the money to pay for council staff, camps, training, and programs for the girls. We've also started, as of the past couple of years, to collect money to buy cookies to send to the military. That's a good program- support Girl Scouts and the military all at the same time! People actually gave some donations towards that today; it was nice. I just have to get through cookie season without gaining any weight back! ~:-O


Melinda said...

Oh how I miss the Girl Scout days. My oldest was a GS when she was younger and we both loved it. I can't wait until me littlest is old enough to get started. I love Girl Scout cookies too! A trip to NASA would be amazing!!

Kim said...

Girl Scouting is great, and my girls get so much out of it. They are going through a huge transition with smaller councils merging into larger super-councils so when your youngest gets involved again it will be a different experience for you! The cookies are still delicious, though; I don't think that will change anytime soon. :)