Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shelfari Book Shelf Widget

I love my new widget! It's the shelfari down there towards the bottom on the right, with a list of some of my favorite books. You can see the covers of Cooking Light Superfast Suppers and Apocalypse Chow, two of my favorite cook books, along with the Sudoku book I JUST FINISHED, all 300 puzzles, thank you very much. ;)

I've been up way too long reading other Menu Plan Monday posts and playing with my new toys (as in, this blog and the new widget), so good night! (And thanks to At Shore's End, where I found said new widget.)


Melinda said...

Hi, and thanks for your supportive comments on my Sacred Birth post. It is so nice to meet like-minded mamas, since most of my relatives think I've lost my mind, lol.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Kim said...

I had a much longer comment typed in but I had some computer malfunctions (user error, ahem) and LOST it all! ~:-P Then I managed to post it twice- sorry. I was really tired, but I so wanted to respond to your lovely post about your birth choices. :) I'm looking at my youngest, full of beans but the most loving child, and I'm glad all over again that we made the choices we did and had him at home. I got the most important info on the post, though- Bradley and DONA, La Leche League and Dr. Sears. They are all wonderful, wonderful resources for every pregnant woman/new mom. :)