Friday, January 9, 2009

An Emergency!

I took the time to get my hair cut today (first time since 2007, as in I really did not darken the door of a hair salon for the entirety of 2008, shocking, I know!) and took the eldest child with me. She also got a new 'do, a SHORT one! She's brave. Her hair was long before, in a lovely layered cut that framed her face beautifully, but it's cute as a button now, too. She's very trendy. Anyway, while I'm there taking time for personal care for the first time in AGES, I get a panicked emergency call from DH. "Where's the cook book?" he yells. It's by my bedside table with all the others, I answer. No, it isn't. Well, check this other place...he checked there, no luck. How can he make the Shrimp Scampi from "There's a Chef in my World" if he can't find "There's a Chef in my World", he says? Well, make something else from the menu list- move tomorrow's lunch to today, since he knows that recipe. He doesn't want to, since that one is more involved and he doesn't feel like making that today. (OK, I can relate to that.) How about the Quick Chicken Stir Fry ( using the green beans in the freezer instead of broccoli? (We have beans, we don't have broccoli.) Oh, forget it, he'll do something. Sheese. I get home and he's made the Shrimp Scampi without the cook book, which was right where I said it would be, but he didn't listen to me! Men.

At least my hair looks cute. I told the hairdresser I look like a woman who takes time for herself!

And oh, yeah- that's why we have 2 cooked meals every day. DH makes lunch (he works part of the day from home then goes to the office later in the day) and I make dinner. He also does all the cooking over the weekend, unless we go out. I'm a lucky girl! :)

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