Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back to the ER again today!

And now The Niece is in the hospital...

Poor kid- I feel so bad for her I can't stand it. She developed excruciating pain in her lower right side and they're thinking appendicitis. She was in the ER for hours before her hospital admission. I'm home for a moment to grab a few things then I get to spend the night in the lovely hospital recliner.

This was NOT the way I was hoping my week would go!

Update: The surgeon came in this morning and checked The Niece. The doctor feels it's not appendicitis after all- whew! Her color is good and her white count went down so she's improving, whereas if it was appendicitis she should be worsening. She'll be staying in the hospital one more night for observation; see if she keeps her food down, if her white count stays down, and so forth. The doctor said it's more likely a bad muscle pull, which can hurt like all get out. They've given her some heavy duty medications for it, so they are taking it very seriously.

I spent the night on the dreaded hospital recliner- oh, the horror! It wasn't too bad, though; I even managed to sleep a little. That was in spite of the snorer two beds away- wow, I'd hate to be married to that one! He was rattling the windows. Hope they're checking him over for sleep apnea; yeesh.


Melinda said...

Poor kid! Glad to hear it's not the appendix, keep us posted!

Kim said...

Hi Melinda:
It's looking like something muscular, according to the doctors. She's home now and cranky as all get out, but it's way better than being in surgery. I'm glad I was able to be there for her, but I'm also happy I can sleep in my own bed tonight!