Friday, March 13, 2009

My Blog List

You may notice that I've added a few more blogs to my "My Blog List" lately (over there on the right). As I am working on a blog of my own, I'm starting to pay more attention to other blogs. The ones I've picked for my list all appeal to me for different reasons. Organizing Junkie is the blog that got me started with the Menu Plan Monday links. At Shore's End is the second non-relative blog I added to my list; Melinda was one of the first people to comment on my blog and I enjoy reading her posts about her growing family. She's also a very talented photographer, so there's more inspiration for me. There are a couple of others I've added because of the photography- Dutch Girl Cooking and the newest addition, Use Real Butter. Dutch Girl also has a couple of recipes that look good; I've printed one out to try but haven't put it on the menu plan yet. Writer Dad inspires me with the written word; he's one of those natural storytellers that has a way with words I can only envy. Mommy Coddle was a spur of the moment addition; I liked one post on there and I will have to go back to see if it's going to keep my interest. Vegan Planet is the blog for the author of one of my favorite cook books, Apocalypse Chow, so that had to go on my list. Living Introverted speaks to me; I am an introvert and every time I read Lee Ann's posts I'm going "yes, that's me, yes, I can see that, yes, she really understands". (And her first book just came out!) "Wait, What Am I Doing Here" is near and dear to me as it is my daughter's blog. She posts a very small portion of her unique art work and writing there. She is also one of those people for whom writing comes as naturally as breathing. The Dog's Breakfast is my brother in law's blog (along with occasional posts from his wife) about life in Australia. There are so many blogs out there to choose from! As I'm stumbling around on the internet I tend to like the food related ones the best, although as you can see I have non-food blogs listed as well. If you like the food porn too, ;) then check out the list under "Links I Like" for the Top 50 Food Blogs, where you'll find other favs like Pioneer Woman Cooks and Smitten Kitchen. As for how I found the ones on my list, I stumbled onto exactly half of them. The other half were found via links elsewhere or they belong to relatives. It's an adventure, like going out into the Wild West, every time I stumble; you never know where it's going to lead you. :)

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