Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have one really major thing left to do for my upcoming trip with The Eldest- buy our tickets!! I keep poking around on the travel websites (Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) but I can't make a commitment. I don't have the details I need to make a good decision so it's intimidating! Do I need trip insurance? If so, can I get it if I book on-line? How does it work? How are the airlines rated? Are the planes safe? How old are they? How comfortable will we be? Will we be treated well or just herded around like cattle? Where can I find reviews of the airlines from other travelers? (OK, I can probably google that last one.) I heard you can get the best deals by booking on a Wednesday, which is an opportunity I'm passing up for this week, anyway, in about 40 minutes. Scary stuff, man!

Far less scary, we have to book a place to stay in Barcelona. I'm hoping we'll be able to find a little B&B in a quieter area of Barcelona, or possibly outside the city towards the town where the Salvador Dali museum is located. We'll have more of a hostel experience in London at the Girl Scout World Center, then a fancy hotel (thanks to a friend of mine getting us employee rates- she's so terrific!!) in Paris, so to round out our experience I want something along the lines of a B&B in Barcelona- smaller, more intimate, comfortable. I'm not sure, though; maybe the quieter area or outside of town thing might not work since we'll be relying on public transportation and our own 2 feet to get around.

On the fun side of things, there was an article about the Barcelona soccer ('scuse me, football) team that said you haven't experienced Barcelona until you've been to a game. FC BARCA, FC BARCA!!!! (And I learned today that Barca is pronounced with a rolled RRRR and the C sounds like an S. Which totally twists MY tongue, but I'll practice!) The Eldest is up for it, so I have to see if there's a game while we're in town, then try to score tickets. (DH will be so jealous. We'll buy him a souvenir.)

Wow, there's a lot to do, and a lot of decisions to be made!

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Mark said...

It's worse -- the c's and z's are actually pronounced as "th"! So you'll actually be visiting Barthelona. It's hard to speak it because you feel like you're making fun of them!