Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Longest Day

DH dubbed it "the longest day of my life", and while that is a BIT of an exaggeration it's not too far off how things went yesterday. We started out at a soccer game, start time about an hour or two earlier than we usually get up, where we were met by the in-laws. From there we went home briefly to drop off luggage and do a little cleaning. (The Eldest decided to do a LOOOONGGG over due clean out/clean up/rearrangement of her room and still wasn't done, and that's where the in-laws sleep so I had to help her finish up while DH put dinner in the crock pot.) Next we all went out to lunch at Sweet Tomato's. After that we had to take The Eldest to the Sock Hop her Girl Scout troop was running; we stayed for half an hour to help set up. From there we zoomed back home for about an hour where I cleaned up The Niece's room, which is where The Eldest sleeps when the in-laws are here. (The Niece has been sleeping out at the apartment over the barn where she works while her boss is away on vacation but she left her space a disaster for me! Teenagers. Sheese.) Next event- ice skating with The Middle Child's Girl Scout troop. It was a family event so everyone except for the Sock Hopping Eldest went, even the in-laws. It was a great night; we all had a blast and NO INJURIES- yeah! The Middle Child took to the ice like a duck to water (she roller blades quite well) while my father in law and DH got The Youngest going. He had a bit more trouble but he was moving away from the wall and getting around under his own steam by the time we left. He took his share of tumbles; good thing he's still so close to the ground. ;) I managed a bit of ice time, too. I used to take lessons up until I got pregnant with The Eldest but I was still pretty shaky to start out with. I was kind of worried I would have problems with my feet cramping (which happened the last time I went ice skating) but I threw my orthotics in the skates and I was OK! After skating we went to retrieve The Eldest, then home to finish up our quick and easy Christmas dinner. Yes, Christmas- we haven't seen the in-laws since way back in 2008 so we were celebrating a belated holiday with them. After dinner we opened presents, then I had to get a load of laundry in the wash so The Youngest would have clean soccer shorts for today's team photo session, then the day was over and I about passed out- WHEW!!!

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