Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Birds and The Bees

Yesterday, as we were having a cuddle before the bedtime routine officially began, The Youngest asked me about babies. He's been bugging me a lot lately about having another baby, which is absolutely out of the question; my theory is that he wants someone HE can boss around like everyone else bosses him around all the time. Except for his dad, who's at work a lot of the time, everyone in the house is female and we're all older than he is so he gets bossed around quite a bit, and that can be hard on a little guy's ego. I get where he's coming from on this one, but it does lead to discussions that can be somewhat... uncomfortable, like last night. He was pursuing the "where do babies come from" question with me, and kept going with it. Babies grow in their mommies, just like in the book we read about it. Well, how do they get in there? They come from the daddy's sperm and the mommy's egg that get together and start the baby. Well, what’s the sperm, and where does it come from? The daddy makes it and it has all the cells that help to make a baby. How does he make it? It comes from his penis. How does it get in the mommy? Does she drink it? (OK, about lost it there, and debated furiously with myself about how to answer so I won't warp him and he'll develop a healthy sexuality as an adult, but not be encouraged to try anything as a teen, or anything.) No, the daddy puts it in her private parts. Oh. GROSS! I'm NEVER getting married! (Again the internal debate.) Well, when a grown man and a grown woman are in love and married, it can be kind of fun. Muffled comment from under the covers- can we please not talk about this anymore? Yes, my darling son, we can stop talking about this right now!!!


Tristin said...

Wow. That's pretty funny. :P
My Mom's a bio teacher, I got the full lecture when I was 8ish.

Momma Snail said...

I am sooo not looking forward to this talk. I just stumbled onto your blog. I love all of your stories! I was big into Girl Scouts and can't wait for my little on to join when she is older. I am following your blog now. I have one, too. We are just starting on our homeschooling journey. You should stop by sometime!