Monday, March 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

DH has decided he likes the menu plan on-line, so even though I'm not linking to Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie this week, here's the plan:

Today, lunch: leftovers (we had Jamie Oliver's Tender and Crisp Chicken With Tomatoes last night and there's plenty left for a second meal since we put in more chicken than the recipe called for)
Today, dinner: chicken soup (The Eldest has relapsed with her cold again; she's walking around coughing and miserable so she needed it)
Tuesday lunch: chili (DH's own secret recipe)
Tuesday dinner: either Speedy Chicken Stir Fry or deli sandwiches from the grocery store, depends on if I feel like cooking or not :-P
Wednesday lunch: Balsamic Chicken
Wednesday dinner: Delicious Beef and Potatoes (it's a favorite with the kids)
Thursday lunch: Spaghetti, as usual
Thursday dinner: Crock pot turkey (throw a breast in the crock pot, season it up, and let it rip all day long) with side dishes to be determined
Friday lunch: Oven fried chicken (my mother in law's recipe) with a fresh veggie and some fruit on the side
Friday dinner: Turkey Philly Sandwiches
Saturday lunch: eat out at Sweet Tomatoes after The Youngest's first soccer game (We all love, love, love Sweet Tomatoes restaurant; it's kid friendly, healthy, everyone gets what they want, and it's reasonably priced.)
Saturday dinner: Black Bean Cakes, rice, applesauce, and carrot salad
Sunday lunch: Grillades and Grits
Sunday dinner: Date Night; order pizza for the kids and sitter

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