Saturday, May 30, 2009


I have an answering machine. I have children with friends who call and leave messages on said machine. Doctors' offices call and leave appointment reminder messages on said machine. Hardly anyone else ever leaves messages on said machine. I rarely check said machine, especially since our new phone doesn't display a large red blinking light when there are new messages like our old one did. I liked our old answering machine; I liked the large red blinking light and it actually worked to remind me to check messages on a regular basis.

I haven't checked messages since returning from Europe. I checked them today to listen for an old message from our son's soccer coach so I could get his phone number. (Last game canceled, needed to make arrangements to pick up trophies, etc.) Much to my dismay there was a message on there from my very best friend in college that she was in town and would be leaving by Friday, which was yesterday. I could cry. :(

PS: The best way to reach me is via e-mail.

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