Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bloggity Blog Blogs

I follow several blogs, as you can see by the list over there on the right. I add to the list as I find new favorites and drop old ones every now and again, mainly when they are no longer posting actively. Sometimes I have blogs listed that I'm "test driving" to see if I want to read them on a regular basis; sometimes I do and I keep them, sometimes I don't and they are dropped. I used to think a long list was kind of silly; how can you follow that many blogs? Now I get it. They don't all update daily or even weekly. I like that my list tells you when a blog has been updated; I can go directly to new reading material without having to hunt for it.

Unfortunately, since they don't update very often, that leaves precious little to read most days. Today was exciting, though! Hyperbole and a Half updated, after about a month of nothing new. The Eldest got me hooked on that blog; it's really funny in a twisted kind of way. After reading today's post, I'm thankful she wasn't my kid. I mean, The Youngest, aka The Wild Child, is a handful but her antics make him look like an angel!

Some of the blogs are great because of their writing. The Voracious Vegan, The Junk Drawer, Writer Dad, Cry it Out, and 17 and Baking are all well written but they don't update enough to keep me happy. (I mean, really, they should update daily because I want more to read, dadgummit.) They are all worth the wait between posts, though. The Voracious Vegan was posting quite a bit for a while but her posts are infrequent now. She was cast in a play so I guess that's keeping her pretty busy. I follow some of the blogs for the recipes, some for homeschooling ideas, some because I know the authors. The common thread is that I enjoy them all.

I hope you'll enjoy some of my favorites, too.


A Magical Childhood said...

Ooh, I see a lot of blogs I love on your list (and mine, thank you!) and lots that sound fabulous. I'm looking forward to checking them out. Thanks!

Nice to meet you, BTW!

Kim said...

I was thrilled to stumble across your blog yesterday! I think it's going to be on my favorites list for a long, long time. :)