Thursday, October 28, 2010


BOO! Halloween has arrived (or will in a couple of days, but we've been celebrating already) which means the holiday season has begun. Oh, boy; I'm not ready!! I love the holidays but there's so much to be done. The folks over at Sears are having fun with this whole Halloween thing, though; they're catering to the Zombie set these days. Stodgy old Sears; go figure.

I took a cue from the web today and made up a Halloween bingo game for the kids. (OK, I know I found the link to the Bingo game easily, but now I can't remember where so my apologies for not giving proper credit; the game was NOT my idea.) It's titled GHOST and I tailored it for each of the younger two. (I think The Eldest might not appreciate it; just sayin'.) I made a 5 x 5 table on Microsoft Word and filled 24 of the spaces. I used a clip art ghost for the middle spot. For The Youngest, aka The Wild Child, I used the sight words he's been working on. For The Middle Child, aka Martha Stewart Jr., I used her vocabulary words. They used tiddly winks for markers. I printed out all of the words on a separate piece of paper then cut them all apart with my paper cutter, had them fold the words up, and placed them in my "cauldron". (An inexpensive plastic one from the grocery store.) I pulled the words out one at the time and, for The Wild Child, called them out, but for Martha Jr., I read the definition and she had to find the word. It worked out really well. They had to fill the whole board; they were neck and neck at the end. I was down to two words left so I pulled them both out and The Wild Child had to read it himself while Martha Jr. had to give me the definition. I declared a tie!

The Wild Child wasn't too excited about the game at first but by the end, when he was a little more confident that he could do it, he was really into it. They both wanted to play again!

I love it when I get all inspired.

PS: I figured out where I got the Bingo idea; it was over at Pepper Paints.

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