Thursday, April 23, 2009

Habla Francais?

So I ordered Rosetta Stone French and it arrived a couple of days ago and I'm trying feverishly to absorb as much as I can in the very short number of days before we leave. This is a problem. I took a Spanish course at the local community college a billion years ago and learned that I don't have an aptitude for picking up languages easily. Now I'm trying to do the Rosetta Stone at the same time The Eldest and her Spanish tutor are throwing Spanish at me, and my brain hurts! I can't absorb all of these new words and keep the Spanish sorted out from the French!!! ACK!

I must say I like the Rosetta Stone so far, though. It was really expensive but I figure it's not just for me since I can use it for curriculum for all three of the kids. The price is just part of our homeschool tuition. ;) I like the approach they use- they don't do word for word translations, rather they show you pictures then say the French word or phrase that goes with it and build from there. They use several different variations for the way they show the pictures and have you match the vocabulary so it mixes things up nicely. It's a far cry from the $20.00 French CD I picked up at the bookstore. Why I bothered I don't know; I am NOT an auditory learner so I should have figured the CD wouldn't work.

I should be working on the Rosetta Stone now but I needed a break for a few minutes. I may not post much for a while as we are nearing the finish line for our travel preparations and things are crazy-hectic, but we'll be taking a lap top with us so we're hoping to update on the road. :)

PS: Melinda- I am so flattered by your recent post about moms! Thank you, and I'll give it more attention when things calm down. :)


Kevin said...

Elle ne parle pas Francais.

Tristin said...

Le langue français est une langue difficile à apprendre, il m'a fallu quatre ans et je ne peux pas parler trop bien. Mais je suis sûr que vous comprendrez à temps. J'adore a envoyer à Abi et bonne chance à vous sur vos vacances.

- Tristin

Kim said...

Huh what? I've only just STARTED Rosetta Stone. I know about, oh, 10 words!!! ;)