Saturday, April 11, 2009

Purple Martins Majesty

Yes, the song says purple mountains majesty, but when I see "our" purple martins soaring and swooping through the sky that's what I think of. These little birds revel in their ability to fly, and I revel in watching them. We have a purple martin house in our backyard and are fortunate enough to have attracted birds the very first season it was up, which I think was three years ago. I have never seen another bird that so obviously loves to fly the way these birds do; they even inspired me to write a haiku:

Purple Martins

Purple Martins fly
Swooping and soaring spring birds
Revel in their flight

They are chatty little things, too. They are very vocal and make the cutest little chirps and chitters. I think they are sharing all the neighborhood gossip; DH says they are bragging about their flying ability. "Did you see that? That was so cool; I was really soaring there; you had to have noticed." We're pretty sure they have babies in the bird house but we hardly ever see them. We caught a few glimpses last season but we think the baby we saw the most was ill or had some kind of birth defect since there was a large growth over one eye. :( I'm guessing that when the babies are old enough to start peeking out at the world they are about ready to fly themselves, and once they start flying they don't come back to the nest. They're usually only here a few months starting in mid-February. I'm happy they're gone before hurricane season starts; that bird house wouldn't make it through a storm. I'm also sad when they leave, though; they are very welcome visitors each year.

PS: I fully acknowledge the silliness of my haiku, but it was fun to write it just the same. ;)


Melinda said...

Purple Martins are so cool. I like your haiku, it's cute.

Kim said...

Thank you Melinda! I wish I could get a pic of the birds in flight; the pictures I have don't do them justice.