Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paris Itinerary

I'm sure I've mentioned the upcoming trip to Europe my daughter and I will be taking for her 16th birthday a couple of times in previous posts. It's my first trip to Europe, the trip I've dreamed of only my ENTIRE life! I'm so excited about it; I've told everyone who will listen that we're going. I've also discussed the trip with a couple of moms from my younger daughter's Girl Scout troop and wow, did they take me in hand! ;) We originally planned only a few days in Paris but they've both been there and said no, no, no, here's what you are doing and you have to stay longer!! Well, they are both very well traveled women and I fully respect their opinions, so I promptly changed our schedule and now Paris, which was originally an afterthought, will be the highlight of the trip. One of the moms, and I will be eternally grateful, even works for a very nice hotel chain and she got me EMPLOYEE RATES for our stay, can you believe it!!! I'm going to owe them both some really great souvenirs.

Here's what they came up with:

Day 1 Arrive in Paris
Day 2 Arc de Triumph
Day 3 Louvre
Day 4 Rodin & Napoleon’s Tomb
Day 5 Modern Museum
Day 6 Notre Dame/Orsey Museum/Opera
Day 7 Eifel Tower/Trocodero & Museum/Statue of Hibut??/
Petit & Grand Palace
Day 8 Montmartre/Sacre Cour
Day 9 Versailles/leave for Barcelona on a late train

NINE days! Nine days in spring in Paris...yes, that sound you hear is a happy sigh.

It's good to have friends! :)


Mark said...

I would squeeze in a trip to the Catacombs if I were you :-) Seriously, they were amazing...

Kim said...

Ohmygosh- everyone is adding stuff!!! Seriously though- I love it, keep it comin'. ;)

Melinda said...

That sounds like Heaven to me!